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Relationship Counseling for your couple can help make it stronger to weather the storms that inevitably occur in a stepfamily situation. Couples Counseling can help in most stepfamily situations.

Whether you are in step parenting situation due to death of a spouse, divorce, remarriage or a committed relationship, couples counseling may be for you.

You don't have to do it alone. We can help.

Family research shows that complex stepfamilies (“his” “her” or "our" children live together some of the time) are more vulnerable than any other families to conflicts and disagreements.

In fact, some of the best predictors of family integration and stability are the nature of the relationships between co-parents and their children and the nature of the couple relationship.

Couples Counseling can help with anger management too.

An experienced counselor can address the following issues

Negotiation of household arrangements involving children

Who disciplines the children?

How to increase acceptance of different parenting styles

Figuring out which problems can be solved and which problems need management 

Managing conflicting loyalties

Is family integration possible?

Who is included and who is excluded from the family

Establishing and respecting amily boundaries

What are the weakest bonds and how to strengthen them?

Consider Relationship Counseling Before Making Major Decisions

Couples may consider divorce or separation even when the two adults are happy together because of problems in the stepparent-stepchild relationship.

Expert Couples Counseling for stepfamilies and/or remarried couples can considerably decrease the vulnerability and risk of divorce or separation.

Call for relationship counseling at Couples Counseling Associates now. Waiting may not make things better.

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An experienced couples counselor can also help find answers to the following questions:

How many families are there in a stepfamily?

What are the characteristics of successful remarried (or step) families?

How do we set up realistic expectations?

What are some of the best ways to form satisfactory relationships?

What are recommended ways to deal with power and anger issues?

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