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Why do some relationships succeed while others fail?

The purpose of this blog is to provide information that may increase the chances of achieving relationship success.

Good things to try when your partner doesn't want to go to couples counseling

In this couples counseling blog, here are some ideas to try:

Attend a workshop, Read a book together, go by yourself.

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Get off the merry-go-round

You have all known couples like this: They fight, break up, and get back together. Then they do it all over again. 

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Money Talks For Couples 
Strategies that work

Many couples struggle, fight, and even divorce over money issues.

After the honeymoon period, some couples begin to have escalating conflicts regarding finances, debt, investment, or spending or they stop talking to each other altogether about money to avoid the conflicts.

How to talk about money without fighting? 

These strategies work!

My father's advice about marriage

My father's advice about marriage: "It takes at least 10 years to find out what your husband is really like. When you do, be sure you remember that he's found some things about you that he doesn't like, either."

Why Couples Break up?

A Relationship expert uncovers the top reasons why couples break up. It's not what you think.

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Same Sex Dating Advice From A Couples Expert

Using online dating apps? Intelligent advice for LGBTQ looking to partner up for a long term committed relationship. Same sex dating can be stressful without sound

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Marriage Advice for Newlyweds

Marriage Advice for newlyweds. What do you need to know to make love last?

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Marriage in the Media

Marriage in the media and resources to learn about how relationships work

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Are you talking too much?

Reflect upon how often you talk (and talk and talk) about your problems. Is your approach working?If not, bite your tongue. Instead, let your actions speak for you. Focus on improving the quality of your interactions with your spouse. Express your appreciation for everything your spouse does, and praise him or her in front of your children,friends or relatives. Try to make your spouse's life easier every day.

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Why do couples remember different things?

Many arguments in a relationship start with two different versions of the same event: “I told you that I was going out with my friends tonight!” “No, you didn’t”. “I said I couldn’t do it because I was tired”, “No, you didn’t”.

How can two people remember different things? Spouses can’t even agree sometimes on concrete events that occurred in the last 24 hours.

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What Makes a Relationship Successful?

What is the difference between couples who stay together and those who do not? They develop habits for pursuing relationships success.

Download a free exercise. If you like it, follow the links to purchase additional exercises.

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Popular Relationship Myths

Popular marriage myths can be very powerful, can affect a relationship profoundly, and create marriage and relationship problems because of underlying beliefs. One myth is that relationships require a lot of work.Relationships need attention, more than work. Relationships fail or deteriorate for the same reason that others things in our lives deteriorate: our bodies, our jobs, our friendships and our homes. They deteriorate because of lack of attention.

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Rules for Relationship Success

Rules for Relationship Success

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Couples Don't Talk about Sex

Physical intimacy and erotic pleasure are very complex human endeavors.

It is truly amazing how many couples who share so much of their lives together never talk about sex.

You’d think it would be easier. Though sex talk is a constant presence in our culture, it is rare to see examples of someone discussing sex with the person they are actually having sex wit.

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