Susan Morlock, MA, LPC

Susan Morlock, MA, LPC

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Certified in Discernment Counseling by The Doherty Relationship Institute

Almost everyone enters marriage or a relationship hoping for a lifelong commitment. But there can be times when a relationship reaches a breaking point. When this happens there is typically one partner who is “leaning out” they believe divorce or breaking up the relationship is the best option and one partner who is “leaning in” and they would like to keep the marriage or relationship together.

Discernment Counseling helps couples to get a better understanding on what has happened to the relationship and what each person’s own contributions led them to this point. The process is to get to a place so that you may figure out whether your problems can be solved and whether you both want to try.

Discernment Counseling focuses on three paths: staying together as you have been, separation or divorce, or a six-month effort in couples therapy to try to keep the marriage or relationship together. This is short-term work, lasting typically from one to five sessions.