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CCA in Chicago can help repair your relationship. Contact us for premarital counseling,  marriage counseling, or same sex couples counseling.


All Couples Counseling Associates specialize in working with couples who want to improve their relationship. We can help you reconnect, communicate better, and get back on track. Our work is based on the latest research on what makes relationships successful


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Keep in mind that 80% of therapists in private practice work with couples, but only a handful have the appropriate training and experience for helping distressed couples.
So, when it comes to professional help, be sure to choose an expert.

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Finding a good couples or marriage counselor is not easy, and it is important to call and ask questions about your situation.

Give us a call today and take the first step with a free and confidential telephone consultation.

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Most people who work at their relationships make it.
Let us show you how.

Studies shows that couples wait too long to get the help they need to get back on track.

We can help you learns skills to recover from fights, stay connected, and communicate better.

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Think of relationship counseling as a service in the same way that you think of any other professional service you need: You don't put it off, you want to find a professional who specializes in working with couples, and you look for someone who has experience with the issues that are of concern to you. When you need professional services, it is worth investing in a a trained expert.

Dr. Sara Schwarzbaum, Founder

Couples Counseling Associates

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Couples Counseling Associates in Chicago

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Call me or email now! I'll answer all your questions

Linda Lazzara, Intake Counselor 
312 416 6191, ext. 1

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