Rules for Relationship Success

Learn How to Make Love Last

What are the rules for relationship success? What is the difference between couples who stay together and couples who do not? They develop these seven habits to sustain a successful relationship. These relationship exercises will help you strengthen your relationship. Each chapter starts with a short introduction to the topic. Then, dive into a simple exercise you can do on your own or with your partner to develop a new healthy relationship habit. 

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Why Should You Buy These Chapters?

You can keep your relationship strong. Use The 7 Habits of Successful Relationships as your own personal coaching session for relationship success. There are seven chapters in the manual and each chapter is followed by an exercise to practice a habit. You can purchase The 7 Habits of Successful Relationships: Do it yourself couples counseling individual chapters/habits for $1.99, click on each chapter below to learn more or just add to cart. If you want to give a try, download a free chapter, “What is Love.”

People who purchase these:

  • Are looking for practical solutions to your relationship problems
  • Want to get their relationship back on track
  • Are interested in preventing divorce or a break up
  • Curious about how to make love last

What do couples do when they develop the 7 habits?

  1. They prioritize their relationship
  2. They  learn to fight fair and know how to make up after a fight
  3. They figure out how to deal with their differences
  4. They learn the rules for a successful relationship

In The 7 Habits of Successful Couples, you will find concrete suggestions and guidelines on how to make love last.

Relationships get in trouble because people have a limited repertoire of choices, and because Hollywood movies stop with the “I do” part and never show us what happens after.

There is a way to keep your relationship strong. Think of these guidelines as your own personal coaching session develop rules for relationship success.

What rules for relationship success do you learn?

With this free Chapter and Exercise “What Is Love” you will learn how to create a gratitude habit. Each of these chapters will guide you and your partner through valuable exercise meant to build healthy relationship and communication habits. You can have a strong, long-lasting relationship! Give these chapters and exercises a try. “One of the most important decisions you make in your life is how you spend your time.”

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