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We have added online couples counseling to our list of services since March of 2020. In the beginning, we wanted to limit in-person contact. But since then, we have found that Online Couples Counseling is an effective way to work with couples and it allows us to offer services throughout the state of Illinois, and not just to couples who live or work in the Chicago area.

How online couples counseling works

Our therapists now have a lot of experience helping couples online. Online couples counseling can help you and your partner not only with pandemic related issues as listed below, but also with any other presenting issues.

  • Deal with different coping styles to avoid polarization
  • Learn tools for engaging in difficult conversations about finances
  • Resolve parenting challenges or differences in parenting styles
  • Navigate the challenges of having children out of school
  • Problem-solve around lack of privacy
  • Manage cabin fever without increasing conflict or distance
  • Brainstorm how to get more mental and physical space
  • Focus on tasks
  • Deal with anxiety, grief and possible losses

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Online Couples Counseling

We are looking forward to serving you and your partner for your relationships needs.

Sara Schwarzbaum
Founder, Couples Counseling Associates

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