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Most people who work at their relationships make it, but studies show couples wait too long to get help. Couples, marriage or relationship counseling sessions with Couples Counseling Associates in Chicago can help you learn critical relationship skills to get back on track: reconciliation, communication, and connectedness.

Expert Help for Your Relationship

For more than 20 years, we’ve provided couples counseling in Chicago and surrounding areas. Couples Counseling Associates have helped couples who want to save, revitalize, and improve their relationships.

We understand relationships.

We have three locations in the Chicago area: Downtown Chicago, North Center, and Arlington Heights. You can read about each therapist or contact us to learn more. Read what people are saying about our services.

Couples, relationship and marriage counseling services for you and your partner.

Each session helps you reconnect with your partner, communicate more effectively, navigate confrontation, recover from fights or contention, and get your relationship back on track. Read about each of our specialized services below for detailed information about common relationship challenges and how we can help.

A Quick Word from Our Founder

Dr. Sara Schwarzbaum, Ed.D, LMFT, LCPC

Relationship counseling is not something you want to put off. Find a professional who can provide expert help for relationships. Someone who specializes in couples counseling and has experience with the complexities of relationships. Like any other professional service, a trained expert is worth the investment.


Couples Counseling AssociatesSM  is a service mark and a registered Assumed Business Name of Dr. Sara Schwarzbaum, Ed.D, LMFT, LCPC

Relationship Resources for You and Your Partner

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Testimonials About Couples Counseling in Chicago

We did a lot of research looking for a practice that specializes in couples work only. It gave us comfort to know we were in the hands of a specialist. And we were glad we did.

We are very glad we had your guidance. We are doing very well. We have come a long way since we first went to see [our therapist]. We wanted to drop you a line to say: Thanks!

Our counselor is a dedicated professional, carefully preparing for each client meeting. She is highly intelligent, is an excellent listener and picks up on non verbal cues. She skillfully guides her clients to make positive behavioral changes. I have worked with several therapists and our counselor was the first to help me make genuine changes. Our relationship has improved significantly as a result of our work with her.

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