Testimonials & Reviews

Read reviews and testimonials from couples who worked on their relationship with a CCA counselor.

Due to the confidential nature of our services, our clients are not likely to post testimonials on popular sites like Google Places or Yelp. We respect the privacy of all our clients. That’s why we publish the below testimonials anonymously.

Testimonials & Reviews

How are Testimonials Collected?

  1. Our clients send unsolicited emails, cards or letters to our therapists
  2. We receive face-to-face verbal feedback during a session, or after the counseling process is finished
  3. We collect answers to an anonymous satisfaction questionnaire every year
“Our counselor is a dedicated professional, carefully preparing for each client meeting. She is highly intelligent, is an excellent listener and picks up on non verbal cues. She skillfully guides her clients to make positive behavioral changes. I have worked with several therapists and our counselor was the first to help me make genuine changes. Our relationship has improved significantly as a result of our work with her.”

“I wanted to share my great respect for [our counselor] who is helping our marriage tremendously”. [The counselor] is fantastic, has an impressive memory, and is extremely knowledgeable. We admire and learn so much from her!”

“Without your help our lives would be quite different and we just can’t thank you enough.  We’ve moved forward in all aspects of our lives, closer, and more communicative than we ever thought possible.  There isn’t a subject we cannot discuss or a dispute we can’t compromise on”.

“It has made a tremendous positive impact in our relationship. I feel that both of us have learned so much since the first time we met with you.”

“I constantly remind myself of our sessions and your wisdom….love the newsletters…..always looking forward to them”.

“You have been a treasure to us.  In a good session, you showed us the beauty in our marriage; in a  bad session you were a fair arbiter and kept the fighting clean.  We are so grateful for the help and support you have given us.”

“We were having the same fight over and over again. Our counselor at Couples Counseling Associates helped us understand our fighting cycle and turn things around.”

“Words cannot begin to do justice in thanking you for helping our relationship.”

“Thank you for helping us out of a scary and dark place.  We feel ready to move forward in our relationship.  Can we call you if we need a tune up?”

“Out therapist provided us with professionalism and compassion during the hardest times of our relationship.”

“We used to be angry at each other a lot. Our marriage counselor really helped us figure out a way to keep the anger under control.”

“Our therapist at Couples Counseling Associates has been a great coach and teacher. We have changed the way we react to each other.”

“[The therapist] pointed out the various ways in which I could grow personally, but in a non-confrontational way.  She was impartial, the process in which she approached couple’s therapy, and her theories on what works, really did work.  I would recommend all couples attend a few sessions as we could all be a little bit more self-aware and be better partners.”

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