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Find out if Dr. Sara Schwarzbaum or any of her associates can help with anger counseling for your relationship.

We specialize in providing counseling to resolve issues in couples that make them angry at each other.

Keep in mind that 80% of therapists in private practice work with couples, but only a handful have the appropriate training and experience for helping distressed couples. When it comes to professional help, be sure to choose an expert.

Turn Anger into Productive Disagreements with Anger Counseling

Productive disagreements are good for all relationships, but if you are struggling to get a point across, are feeling defensive and angry, or cannot seem to communicate well, it can help to have few sessions of couples counseling to de-escalate fights, impose structure on the discussions, and to stop a negative cycle.

Continued cycles of negativity, anger or distance in a relationship can create a cascading downward spiral that can be harmful in the long run and lead to breakups.

Many couples who cannot seem to de-escalate on their own utilize the services of a couples counselor

Sometimes couples wait too long to get the help they need to resolve the issues that make them angry at each other. Anger counseling can help.

While anger can be a sign that something needs to be done, pervasive and constant anger can erode a good relationship.

For good results with couples counseling, give us a call to find answers about our services. Find out how expert couples counseling can help your relationship and learn to manage your anger.

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From Hierarchy to Equality

How do you achieve an egalitarian relationship without anger?

When the relationship between men and women was hierarchical, the gender roles were defined and everyone knew their place in the hierarchy. Men and women knew how to behave because each had a defined role.

Due to the revolutionary changes that have occurred in society in the last 50-75 years, men and women attempt to have a more egalitarian relationship. Anger is often the result of this transition.

Questions arise about how to achieve equality in a relationship without resulting to anger, violence, or bullying.

Here are some of the questions that couples wrestle with today:

What does an equal relationship really mean?

How do you influence another person without resorting to bullying or violence?

How do you make decisions jointly?

What does compromise mean and how does it work?

Is equality possible in all areas of the relationship?

Many relationships do succeed when both sides take time to figure out the answers to these and related questions. 

When they don't, anger, bullying, and violence are not uncommon. Anger counseling can help your relationship.

Gender, Power Differences, and Anger

It is important to realize that often anger has different meanings depending on the power differential in a relationship, the gender differences, and other factors. Men and women sometimes express anger differently.

Read more about the meaning of anger here and here

Men's and women's anger sometimes differ in meaning, scope, target, and expression. Counseling can be helpful in elucidating the meaning of anger and figuring out how to deal with it.

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