Infidelity Counseling

The crisis of infidelity does not have to end your relationship.

But a lot of what happens after the revelation of an affair depends on whether or not the couple gets help from a well trained couples counselor who knows what to do and how to navigate the stages of the recovery. Recovering from an affair is one the most difficult relationship problems because the revelation of an affair is a traumatic event for the betrayed partner.

When an affair is revealed, it starts a crisis for all people involved in the extramarital triangle.

Popular thinking about affairs and the recovery from them is clouded by myths.

Whether or not your marriage can be saved depends on whether the partners can follow some important steps. If you are not sure about what to do next, discernment counseling can help.

If both members of the couple decide to stay together and work on the relationship with a couples counselor the first item on the agenda has to be how to go back to feeling safe again in the relationship.

What are the areas covered during counseling sessions?

Every situation is different, but here is a partial list of the conversations that are most likely to arise in the first stages of the counseling process.

Trust Issues: How  is trust  created, destroyed, and rebuilt?

Emotional Needs: What are the emotional needs that are not being met?

Intimacy and Sexuality: When and how to reconnect?

Relatives and Friends: What to say, to whom and when?

Go By Yourself

Our counselors can help even if you want to come in alone at this time. Your partner does not have to come at this time in order to help you figure out what the next steps are.

Call us for more information on how a well-trained couples counselor can help figure out the steps that are possible in your situation.

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Couples Counseling can help you navigate the
rocky stages of your recovery.

You don't have to do this alone.

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