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Couples counseling can help you with your relationship problems

Sometimes couples wait too long to get the help that could steer them clear of a downward spiral, or simply fine-tune their relationship.

It is a common misconception that people only see a counselor when they have a serious mental health problem. On the contrary, people who seek the help of a counselor for their relationship when they need it are more, not less, mentally healthy.

Research shows that the sooner you get the help you need for your relationship, the better the result of the process can be.

Relationships can be very difficult. Many couples have the wrong beliefs about what makes a relationship succeed or fail and it is important to know the difference between myths and reality.

If you are not sure whether your partner wants to work on the relationship, you can try discernment counseling or attend by yourself.

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Many skills can be learned with the right outlook and commitment. You can decrease conflict, avoid break ups, find new ways to reconnect, and identify which problems are solvable and which need your ongoing attention and management.

Whether you come in alone or with your spouse or partner, talking with a trained expert can help you improve your relationship dramatically, and keep you on track.

Finding a qualified counselor that can help your relationship in Chicago is not easy, and it's important to call to ask questions.

Many therapists do not have specialized training in helping distressed relationships. Please make sure that you visit the other pages on this website for valuable information on how to find a qualified professional and how to get the most of out of the sessions.

How do you know where to find qualified help?

Counselors who are trained experts in dealing with relationship distress share several common characteristics:

  • They learn not to take sides
  • They provide structure to sessions
  • They have a lot of experience helping people to  have difficult conversations in a respectful environment
  • They stop unhealthy, violent, or disrespectful communication 

Who benefits the most from couples counseling?

People who benefit the most from counseling for their relationship are those are motivated to look into their own contribution to the relationship problems, and who are prepared to make changes for the benefit of the relationship.

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In our efforts to bring value to your life, Couples Counseling Associates has developed a series of lessons that could have a major impact on effectively improving your relationship. We encourage you to dive into the series and discover how these resources can benefit you and your partner.

Remember, it's the positive habits we develop that guarantee us success in all areas of our lives. Discover the seven healthy habits that improve relationships or get in touch with us to learn more about Couples Counseling Associates.

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