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Essential Tools to Build a Solid Relationship

Couples University

No workshops are scheduled for 2014 at this time.

Please note:  the same Relationship Education curriculum  is available for married and unmarried couples and same sex couples in four session formats and for couples who are scheduled to get married in the near future.

Often these are covered by insurance.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call 312 416 6191 or contact us.

This religion-neutral Couple Relationship Education workshop covers the following areas:

Foundations for relationship success

Creating "we-ness"

Managing differences and conflict

Communication 101

Connection and intimacy

The workshop has a didactic portion and a skill building portion. This means that part of the time, couples are listening to the instructors and participating in discussions, and in the other part the couples are talking to each other, doing interesting exercises and learning new skills. During the exercises part, the instructors are going around the room answering questions and giving feedback.

There is time for one break in the morning, a lunch break and another break in the afternoon.

At the end of the workshop, we issue a certificate of attendance.

See comments from couples who attended a recent CU workshop in an article published by the Chicago Tribune

What is Couples University?

Couples University (CU) is a Couple and Relationship Education organization that focuses on teaching couples the tools they need to build a successful relationship.

Why take a Couple Relationship Education course?

Sustaining a healthy, mutually satisfying relationship across time poses substantial challenges for contemporary couples.

Almost all committed relationships begin with high levels of satisfaction that decline over time. However, the erosion of satisfaction is not inevitable.

Couples who develop core relationship skills can stay ahead of the divorce curve. Couple interaction is the most important factor in predicting relationship satisfaction.

Couple Relationship education has shown play a crucial role in helping couples to sustain a stable relationship.

Being in a mutually satisfying relationship is associated with physical health, psychological well being and financial stability. Additionally, children benefit from a strong relationship between their parents.

How do CU workshops differ from Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is different from Couples Relationship Education Programs such as the one offered through Couples University.

Couples Counseling is for couples in moderate to severe distress who are looking for individualized treatment for their marital or relational problems and who are looking to change their interactions.

CU consists of information and education for couples who are either not in distress or who are at a low to moderate level of distress and who wish to learn what constitutes a successful relationship and the tools to achieve it.

The education workshops of CU are conducted in classroom style settings. Counseling is provided to individual couples in confidential office settings.

Who can benefit from the Couples University workshops?

CU workshops are designed to help couples in all relationship stages

Dating couples

Engaged couples

Couples who are living together

Married couples

Same sex couples

How is CU different from other programs?

CU workshops focus on prevention of destructive conflict. Poor conflict management is a predictor of deteriorating relationship satisfaction.

Our workshop offers skills training and feedback in a classroom like atmosphere.

CU offer a religious-neutral curriculum.

Who are the founders of CU?

The founders of CU, Dr. Sara Schwarzbaum, LMFT, and Julienne Derichs, LCPC, are expert couples and marriage counselors.

Sara Schwarzbaum is a professor at NEIU in Chicago where she trains the next generation of counselors. She is the founder of Couples Counseling Associates in Chicago.

Julienne Derichs is the founder of Couples Counseling Today and her practice is located in the Northern suburbs of Chicago. She specializes in work with couples. For more information about Julienne Derichs, please visit her home page

Sara and Julienne decided to expand their practices on the premise that there are crucial skills, attitudes and knowledge that give partners a better chance of developing and sustaining a healthy and mutually satisfying relationship.

For more information or to find out if CU workshop is right for you, please email or call 312 416 6191.

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