Marriage in the Media

The media always actively reported on issues relevant for married and unmarried couples. In the digital age, there are even more resources about marriage, relationships, and separation—with many outlets writing intelligently about these topics.

We have compiled a recent group of articles from the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Psychology Today, the Chicago Tribune, and other sources, that contain valuable information about couples and marriages.

These articles address alternatives to divorce, creative ways of being married, and how to deal with infidelity, among other ideas relevant for all relationships. Some of the articles are specifically geared toward unmarried couples.

Relationship distress is a public health issue. When relationship fail, every aspect of life can be affected. We believe that when two people are motivated and interested, they can learn to improve their relationships. This can be achieved in various ways.

Reading good articles can give you some ideas that you have not thought about before. So, sit back, relax, and take some time to learn something new about what the media is saying about marriage.

  1. What Keeps Couples Happy Long Term?
  2. The Science of Commitment
  3. How to choose a marital/couples therapist
  4. Couples Therapy for one: To fix a marriage, some go alone
  5. Creative ways to be married: Marriage with a twist
  6. Separation can sometimes save a relationship

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More Resources for You and Your Partner

In our efforts to bring value to your life, or if you are not in the Chicago area, Couples Counseling Associates has developed a series of lessons that could have a major impact on effectively improving your relationship. We encourage you to dive into the series and discover how these resources can benefit you and your partner.

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