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First, Quell Those Relationship Counseling Fears

If you and your partner want to participate in relationship counseling, you might also feel apprehensive about what happens in session. Couples who pursue counseling address the challenges of their relationship, which can be difficult topics to breach. Couples face sensitive and vulnerable situations natural in any relationship.

These encounters can be fruitful for many couples though. Whether you mutually decide to leave the relationship behind or you manage to strengthen your relationship, the first step to a healthier life in love is tackling fear.

It also may help you to know that a couples counselor is an objective expert who wants to hear both individuals equally. Regardless of the situation the couple wants to address, the blame game is not the point of counseling. Unlike individual therapy, where a therapist works to empathize with one person, a couples therapist seeks equal understanding.

In the first few sessions, your counselor will get to know your relationship, evaluate your situation, and help you come up with a plan to move forward.

When to Seek Relationship Counseling

Many couples decide to seek counseling when they reach a breaking point: an infidelity is revealed, the relationship lacks attention or they fight endlessly. However, what most couples overlook is the effectiveness of relationship counseling as challenges and changes arise, rather than when they peak. There is no reason to put off couples therapy.

You can seek relationship counseling before you get married, as you start a new family, or when you experience a major life event. Experienced couples counselors go through a rigorous training process that specializes them to address relationship challenges neutrally and effectively.

Relationship Skills and Long Lasting Relationships

Love and family are complex because we, as humans, are complex emotional beings. To untangle some of this complexity, you and your partner can learn relationship skills from counseling that make you strong both individually, and as a couple. In the long run, these skills benefit your current and future relationships, even if they’re not romantic in nature.

Some skills our clients take away from relationship counseling are:

  • Empathy: How to step into your partner’s shoes
  • Objectivity: How to step outside the emotionality of a relationship and assess a conflict more practically
  • Communication: How to openly share with your partner
  • Understanding: How to see a situation from multiple angles, rather than only your own
  • Conflict Resolution: How to defuse and de-escalate conflicts and come to a resolution or compromise
  • Affirmation: How to show love and positivity in a relationship, rather than criticism or negativity

Everyone wants to feel understood, trusted, and loved. Each of these skills supports satisfying, strong relationships or can help repair damaged ones.

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