How Do Marriage Problems
Affect Children?

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Marriage problems affect every member of the family, and researchers have found that a good relationship benefits everyone.

The quality of the relationship between the parents matters greatly to the well being of their children, whether the parents are married, not yet married, or no longer married.

Adults who have a good couple relationship are physically and emotionally healthier than adults in high conflict situations.

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Children in high conflict situations don't learn
good relationship skills

Children raised with parents in a healthy relationship are more likely to be well adjusted, do better academically, and have fewer physical problems than those raised in an emotionally unhealthy environment.

Conversely, kids who grow up witnessing severe marital problems with high levels of conflict experience lower general well being than those who grow up in low conflict families.

Chronic couple problems affect children negatively by adding stress to their lives. Additionally, they don't learn good relationship skills from their parents because they seldom see them resolving their problems in an amicable way.

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Conflicts and parenting

Researchers have also found that conflict interferes with the quality of parenting.

Parents who are distracted by their marital problems and stresses do not pay adequate attention to their children, which may lead to misbehavior, school related problems, and concerns about their social life.

Children benefit from stable, consistent, and loving attention of both parents, regardless of their marital status.

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Couples Counseling can help restore healthy aspects to your relationship and increase your chances of raising emotionally and physically healthy children.

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