Marriage Problems and Couples Counseling: Why Try?

Marriage problems don’t have to end a relationship. With couples counseling, your relationship can become healthier, stronger, and long-lasting.

Marriage problems aren’t easily defined. They can arise in a new marriage or an old one, vary in depth, result from a volatile event (like infidelity), or come to a head after consistent miscommunication. Marriage is a union of two lives and, naturally, conflict happens. You and your partner may need a new set of skills to address your differences and respond in healthy ways.

When we look at why couples break up, the most common culprits are:

  • Individuals in the relationship haven’t learned to deal with their differences
  • One or both partners don’t pay enough attention to the relationship
  • An individual feels like they accommodate and sacrifice more than their spouse

However, marriage problems can also erupt from more complex sources, like each individual’s personal challenges, including bad habits and behaviors, anger problems, emotional pain, loneliness, or past life events.

If you seek support from a couples therapist, choose an experienced counselor with deep knowledge of all possible systemic causes of marriage and relationship conflict.

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Do marriage problems mean it’s all over?

The short answer is “no.” In fact, many couples come out of crises stronger. If you and your partner want to make the marriage work, counseling can be especially helpful.

Some couples recognize their marriage problems and come to a mutual understanding that they need to devote energy to their relationship. If you and your spouse decide that you want to improve your marriage, be proud that you’ve already taken the first step to a healthier relationship. Commitment, work, and time can turn a resentful, disillusioned relationship into a thoughtful, affectionate one that flourishes.

If you don’t know whether you want to work on your relationship, you can try discernment counseling. Discernment counseling helps a couple decide if they want to move forward with the relationship or not. Sometimes it’s best to walk away from a relationship, but before you make any major decisions, we recommend you discuss your situation with an objective, experienced relationship counselor.

It’s important to note that discernment counseling is not appropriate when there is danger of domestic violence, an order of protection from the court, or if one spouse is forcing the other to participate. You and your spouse need to be in this together.

Marriage Problems and Newlyweds

A new marriage can feel blissful, as the cliche “newlywed bliss” goes, but it’s also a challenging adjustment period. Even couples who dated long before they tied the knot can suddenly feel caught up in a post-honeymoon sea of emotions. First, recognize that this is completely normal.

As a newly married couple, it’s helpful to learn how to embrace change, resolve conflict peacefully, and be self-reflective, rather than critical of your partner, when you become frustrated. You can develop relationship skills that help marriages grow stronger over time. An experienced counselor can help you build these skills together.

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Marriage Problems and Stepfamilies

marriage and stepfamiliesIntegrating two families causes a unique set of challenges for adults and children. Everyone has a unique response to change. You and your spouse may clash even if you both have the best intentions. In counseling, you learn how to set boundaries for parenting new stepchildren and co-parenting with your ex-spouse.

What’s Next?

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