Katherine “Kit” Elmer-DeWitt, LPC →

Katherine “Kit” Elmer-DeWitt, LPC →

Katherine "Kit" Elmer-DeWitt

In my work with you and your partner, we will illuminate the events, feelings, or beliefs that have brought you to where you are. In every experience there is something to celebrate and something to mourn. By bringing those aspects to light, we can begin to find acceptance and, if need be, to adapt those aspects that are no longer serving us.

I facilitate the necessary conversations as you and your partner strengthen your connection and intimacy, while also discovering new ways of expressing your needs, wishes and wants with one another. To do so, we create a safe space where we can reflect, and hold the threads of your narrative to further explore parts of ourselves not yet revealed.

I believe you can take yourselves where you need to go. You can’t be expected to navigate this process alone. I will ask you to give voice to your feelings, sensations, beliefs, and concerns. I will not judge or make assumptions; I will ask you to try your best as your work toward strengthening your relationships and embark on your healing journey.

I take a client-centered approach, working from the belief that each individual is the expert in their own experience. I also incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy, internal family systems and emotional focused therapy. Together, at your pace, we work to explore different aspects of that experience so that you can see yourself and your relationships in new ways.

Education: Kit holds a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northeastern Illinois University.